We serve and wish to give the right product with a nutritional and traditional manner as our great-grandparents have the lead. Eco Fresh has succeeded in bringing back the traditional food products as the member of the family. The choice of using the quality food and keeping up the diseases at bay varies on the individual perspective.

Benefits of Jaggery

Being one of the simplest available forms of sucrose, sugar is instantly absorbed in the blood and releases a burst of energy. So, in some places, it is not recommended to consume sugar when someone has a cold.

Jaggery is far more complex than sugar, as it is made up of long chains of sucrose. Hence, it takes time to digest. However, this does not certify it as fit for consumption by diabetics, because ultimately, it is sugar. Jaggery also contains iron, which is good for health, particularly for those who are anemic or lack iron. Again, jaggery also contains traces of mineral salts which are very beneficial for the body. You might have experienced this when consuming jaggery, it leaves a hint of salt on the tongue. These salts come from the sugar cane juice where it is absorbed from the soil. Jaggery is very good as a cleansing agent for our body. It clean the lungs, stomach, intestines, esophagus, and respiratory tracts.

Jaggery powder(nattu chakarai)

Jaggery powder (Nattu Chakkarai)

Is crushed form of Jaggery, it is a traditional non-centrifugal cane sugar consumed in some countries in Asia and America. It is a concentrated product of cane juice without separation of the molasses and crystals, and can vary from golden brown to dark brown in color.
Urundai Vellam

Solid Jaggery

Solid jaggery is an unrefined sugar made from sugarcane or palm. That's why many people prefer eating solid jaggery. It acts as a detox, as it helps cleanse the liver by flushing out nasty toxins from the body. Solid jaggery is loaded with antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium, which help prevent free-radicals (responsible for early ageing).
Achu Vellam

Pressed Jaggery (Achu Vellam)

Now, jaggery can be desired in different shape, then the process of the tank is large enough to allow only a thin coat of this hot liquid to form at its bottom, so as to increase the surface area for quick evaporation and cooling. After cooling down the jaggery becomes a soft solid.
Mulighai Nattu Chakarai

Herbal Jaggery (Mulighai Nattu Chakkarai)

This is our own manufacturing. It is Healthy substitute for white sugar and any other health drink powders. Herbal Jaggery Powder contains 14 Herbs with sugarcane jaggery like dry ginger, cardamom, black pepper, betel leaves, vallarai, athimaduram, Indian gooseberry, pink rose, hibiscus, Arugampul, Thiruneerpatchai, Aamavalli leaves, Avaram Poo, Thulasi. This increase body immunity power, especially for growing children and for adults it helps to control their BP and Diabetic level. We can mix this Jaggery Powder into water, milk and also tea. It's good for people who suffer from cold throat infection.
Palm Jaggery

Palm Jaggery or Karupatti

Palm jaggery is a natural sweetener, it is very rich in minerals, predominantly iron with traces of other mineral salts. The benefits of palm jaggery include its ability to cleanse your body and act as a digestive agent, sweeten your food in a healthy manner, Highly rich in calcium. People often prepare sweets with jaggery. Particularly for neivedyam.
Palm Candy

Plam candy or Panakarkandu

Palm Candy (In Tamil - “Panakarkandu”) is produced from the sweet “Neera” from Palmyra. Palm is a nutrient rich, Low Glycemic Crystalline sweetener; it is completely natural. It has a number of minerals, vitamins, calcium, iron & phyto nutrients including zinc and potassium. The sugar content in palm sugar is well balanced. It is a good source of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. It being rich in iron helps to treat anemia.


Millets are a group of small seeded grasses which are a uniquely high content of nutrients.


Ragi (finger millet) is an excellent source of natural calcium which helps in strengthening bones for growing children and aging people. Regular consumption of finger millet is good for bone health and could reduce risk of fracture. Nutritive value of Ragi, is considered one of the most nutritious cereals.

Ragi Flour a gluten-free grain also known as millet flour or finger millet, has 111 calories per 1/4 cup. Millet flour is a good source of fiber with about 1 gram per 1/4-cup serving.

Pearl Millet


Kambu (Pearl millets) has 8 times Iron content higher than in Rice. The rich Iron content in Kambu aids in improving the haemoglobin level in the blood and prevents anaemia. It is also rich in fiber, protein, minerals such as magnesium, zinc, manganese, folic acid, amino acids, lecithin, potassium, B complex vitamins, and calcium.

kuthiravalli (Barnyard)

Kuthiravali (Barnyard millets) provide lot of health benefits to our body and treat Coronary Artery Disorder, Helps in Weight Loss. Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer. Helps to decrease high blood pressure. And preventing Celiac disease. Good source of Antioxidants. Helps in slowing down muscle degradation.

Corn (Maize)

Its contains carbohydrates, it is good for our body. In fact, Corn is rich in vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin B and carotenoids, such as lutein and zeaxanthin. Corn contains very little fat, less than 1 gram per serving, and is a good source of fiber. A nutritious diet, filled with the right kind of elements will definitely help prevent many diseases. Prevents Diverticular Diseases.

Anemia and Cancer Prevention. It is mainly suggest for Weight Loss.



It is also known as Foxtail millet is high in carbohydrates. It is rich in fiber and minerals such as copper & iron.It helps us to keep our body strong & immune. In 100 gram serving, raw millet provides 378 calories and is a rich source of protein, dietary fiber, several vitamin B and numerous dietary minerals, especially manganese. Raw millet is 9% water,73% carbohydrates, 4% fat and 11% protein.
Little Millet (Saamai)


Samai is rich in phyto-chemicals and it has excellent antioxidant. Dietary fiber protects against hyperglycemias. It reduces cholesterol and helps in digestion, it has nearly 2.5 times minerals and nearly 38 times fiber and nearly 13 times Iron than Rice.
kodo millet varagu


Varagu rice helps hydrate your colon to keep your system regular and from being constipated. Rich in photo chemical, phytic acid, which lowers cholesterol, and phytate, to reduce the risk of cancer. Varagu rice helps in controlling Blood sugar and Cholesterol and its recommended for our daily diet. High in Nutrition which is good for children too.